I know it’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog. I feel like something has to really move me to post here. 🙂 I hope that makes sense to those of you who read it! Recently, Joyfully Renewed made a post about Bach Remedies which is a homeopathic remedy for many things. A couple of weeks a go I started giving two of these remedies to my oldest son. After two doses, I was amazed. Truly, amazed! He started to come to me and ask me for another couple of drops. Literally, it’s that simple. A couple of drops. I asked him if he liked them and his response was, “Mom! You have no idea. This is the best I have EVER felt. I don’t feel anxious and I feel at ease with what’s going on around me. I can’t believe a flower can do that.” So, we’ve continued them and he is able to tell me when he feels he needs them. I also started to take one, a different one, for me and I feel a HUGE difference as well. So you’re probably wondering how they work? 🙂 I would message Maria on Joyfully Renewed to ask her those nitty-gritty details. She’s awesome with explaining them and which one is “right” for you. All I know, is they WORK. Better than any prescription medication that my son has tried over the course of several years. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did!



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