What is your gift?

First of all, welcome to my new website! I am a photographer and I keep finding myself wanting to post about spiritual matters, positive aspects in life, encouraging words from amazing people, meditations, and much more.  However, I kept finding myself saying, “But this is my photography website….” which is a totally different subject.  Different subjects, but same person.  🙂  It’s part of what makes ME.  So I decided to start a new blog for the other part of me.  🙂

I’m very inspired to tell you about the homily I heard in church this past Sunday.  I’ve never been one to come home and shout from the rooftop what I had just heard in church.  However, this past Sunday was different.  It was a homily that spoke to me on many levels.  The Reverend Kevin S. Brown talked about fear.   He talked about allowing fear enter your life.  There is the basic fight or flight where your primary focus is on self-preservation.  But what happens when you allow fear into your life past that moment?  Allowing it to enter into making decisions throughout your daily life?  There is a risk here of your fear (or anxiety) spawning more fear.  This fear leads to mistrust of other,  low self-esteem, darkness in your heart, and possibly a retreat from others.

When we sustain fear and focus on what we have to lose with our “What if’s” we lose focus on all that we have to give in this life.  Are you holding back in your life?  Have you been given a gift that has fear holding you back from pursing it, using it, helping others engage in their life with it?  Do you engage in your own life with your gift?

I have always been the type of person that has blindly followed my path in life.  Okay, that’s not completely true.  🙂  I have gotten in my own way on several occasions and have had to go through some personal pain to get me back on track.  However, it is so very important to trust your path, give thanks to your gift(s), and be who you are meant to be.  Don’t let fear run that train through your life wrecking who you are meant to be.  Don’t let it hold you back.

If you do have fear holding you back in your life, make a change today.  Make that commitment to yourself with starting with a simple statement, “I will not live in fear.  I will not be afraid of what is to come.”  Trust God……trust your path in life……and live boldly in the knowledge that light will ALWAYS break through the darkness.



19 thoughts on “What is your gift?

  1. I’m honored and proud to be the second one to “Like” and comment on your new site! I look forward to many more wonderful posts like this one! I also love your Bee’s Knees blog.


  2. Christina, I also am so glad to welcome you to this side of the blog world-but I don’t see why you can’t combine your photography and your magnificent words. If I could take pictures well, I would. Funny that you were talking about how we are gifted. I am studying that in a weekly Bible group. I’ve been asking myself a lot of hard questions lately so that I would know my true motivations. What I have found out about myself is that I am truly in love with Jesus. My granddaughters say I talk too much about Him, sometimes my husband feels I spend too much time on the computer answering people from blog or reading others. He uses the word “obsessed”-yet he is a believer also. he just worries that I will keel over one day.
    but I do understand your sentiment and I look forward to see what you’re writing.

    • Cindy,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful message!It sounds like you are using your gifts that have been given to you. I love hearing that you are aware and true of your love and know how to pursue that passion in your heart. Please feel free to add any comments about how we are all gifted or what you have learned in your weekly study. I would be very interested in hearing them! Outside of my children, my passion is for photography and everything on a positively spiritual side. You could say I’m obsessed with these things as well! 🙂 I look forward to reading you blog!

      • thanks. I am thinking of reposting my archives because i have so many new followers and they don’t know still why my life is stranger than fiction.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and taking time to read it! I truly felt moved to write this post today. It’s too easy to let fear live in our hearts. We have to recognize it and remind it that it does not have a home with us. 🙂 As you start to let it go, I promise you that you will find more and more light and goodness coming into your life.

  3. Love it! Love that you followed your heart (and the “wordball”/hairball) and started this blog! Beautiful first post and, of course, this completely applies to where I am right now 🙂 Thank you for shining your light and helping me to face what has been in my heart so that I can continue to move forward. Lots of love to you my friend! I look forward to reading many more posts.

  4. Can not wait to read more from you, you are a gifted artist and you have made your way into my life. Hope you flash more of your photos with your beautiful words. We can all use your creative visions. High vibrations and keep creating.

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