A Little Help with WordPress?

Hello friends! I have a question that I’m hoping one of you out there will jump up and say, “I know how to do that!”  🙂  As you know, I have two sites (this one and my Bees Knees Photography).  When I created my new blog, I used my primary e-mail address (which is connected to both sites).  However,  I’ve noticed that when I respond to another blog, it uses my main Gravatar image for my Bees Knees.  I would like to put in a separate e-mail address for this site without changing my Bees Knees.  When I’ve tried to change the e-mail address, it seems to do it for both?  Does anyone know how I can keep both sites but change just one e-mail address but keep the other?

Thank you in advance!  🙂



10 thoughts on “A Little Help with WordPress?

  1. OK I think I know the answer and it is you can have multiple blogs or sites with wordpress.com but it only will associate one primary account. I have three blogs/web sites with wordpress and one primary account, how I got around some of it is adding a web address (domain name). I personally would set up another web site for your art at GoDaddy or Weebly and link back to your wordpress site for Bees Knees. I wish I had done this prior to setting it up through WordPress but I live and learn. It is impossible to do anything with a domain through WordPress unless you pay them or have it transferred to WordPress.org. So far I have had great luck doing it on my own with both GoDaddy which is the domain registry WordPress uses and with Weebly.com.Good luck. Big hug.L

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